Asheville Residential Epoxy Flooring

Modern living spaces require modern flooring solutions! Asheville Epoxy Flooring is a perfect solution, and it’s fast and affordable!

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Take matters into your own hands and use our high-quality epoxy floors and our extensive product range for your home and business. Epoxy is considered the strongest floor that can be used for years and in this aspect our epoxy floors are designed to make your life easier while offering a high quality look. Take matters into your own hands and use our high-quality epoxy floors and our extensive product range for your home and business.

Endless Epoxy Flooring Options to Choose From in Asheville

There’s so many different ways that epoxy floor is customizable. A flooring solution that suits any home or business can be carefully cultivated with the Asheville Epoxy Floor Pros thorough creation process. 

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Asheville Garage Flooring Epoxy

If you want high quality, cost effective and beautiful garage floors, we can help you with that. Asheville Epoxy Floor Pros is THE affordable way to go for upgrading and increasing your garage and home value. Epoxy flooring is a chemical reaction created from mixing polymers that are reactive to each other and harden into an extremely strong surface. It can cover the stains that can take hours to remove and give your floor a smooth shiny glassy look. Garage epoxy floors are a great solution for cleaning your garage floor, not only for stain covering, but also to combat falling tools and other common garage floor damaging problems. With this level of floor coverings you can expect reliable and low-maintenance floor coverings for up to 20 years. With a flawless installation, it can be a revolutionary design that can become an obsolete garage for years to come. Get started with a free consultation with Asheville Epoxy Floor Pros today by calling (828) 585-3374.

Metallic Epoxy Solutions

Metallic epoxy offers a dazzling marble finish that can surpass traditional floor systems for a home or business. We offer a wide range of flooring solutions that are powerful and visually pleasing, as well as a variety of colors, finishes and materials for use in residential and commercial premises. Choose the professionals at Asheville Epoxy Floor Pros. Get floors will provide the right environment for decades to come. We can also coat exterior floors like patios. A good understanding of the conditions required for coating concrete is extremely important. One of that fantastic things about opting for metallic epoxides or epoxy in general is that they can be used almost anywhere without any problems. They have been tested and proved themselves even in the most difficult conditions.

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